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and it's a meme (sorta) from [ profile] vilakins

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is just cool.

That is all.
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Those who know me know I'm a bit of a geek.

But in one circle of friends they were doing the Official geek test (v3.1). So I did it and only got 70.03%.

But then the following one popped up on a few Lj's so I did it as well.

See .. I'm a geek! Really :)

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A seriously cool Lego set.
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Honya budo is the martial arts skill of visiting a bookstore without buying a book. It is an arcane art, practiced by secret masters in obscure parts of the world for several centuries. During the 20th century, when literacy went up in the western world, and people from every social strata started frequenting shops selling books, this venerable art has begun to rise in popularity.

For full details see here
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So, yesterday we indulged in mass "being-back-at-home", which mainly involved checking out the TV show "Dexter".

Wibble, Flibble, Squiggle, Snarch!!!!

Thank whatever power(s) that be that I'd grabbed as much as I could could as we literally couldn't stop till we were done and it was a natural story break.

This show is excellent peoples. Watch it!
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I'm a simple man.


Back to your normal life.
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My Funny farm state for anyone who cares. Thanks to a couple of people who's state I ''stole'' :)
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Let's see, there were short stories, then there were drabbles (sometimes 100, sometimes other small numbers)

and now we have the ultra-short stories (ala Hemingway and via Wired).

Read. Laugh. Cry. Wonder. Be Amazed!

I Want!

Sep. 1st, 2006 11:42 am
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Treehugger: Electric Mini: 0-60 in 4 Seconds: It Has Motors In Its Wheels

Or I want the conversion kit for any car.

Cause I'd love to have this capability for BTVS
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For those who know her I've just syndicated hotyve's blog into LJ as [ profile] yewalus
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So auckland. Don't we just need one.

From Grafton Cemetary, along K-road to ???
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Some days you hear about something that is/was a glorious rumour, a spectacular hope, a shining example of yet another thing you could love.

And then, it fades. The rumour debunked, the hope extinguished, the example ignored.

But then, sometimes, a very few somtimes, the curtain is pulled back and you are allowed to see "what might have been". And then you have to chose. Do you cry tears of pain and sorrow for that which is revealed as now not to be is so, or tears of hope and joy for that which never was but is another step on the path towards a glorious future that can only be better, brighter, more bountiful because of the grist that has been ground under the heels of those who trod this way.

Today is one of those days. In this blog is revealed the Treatment for "Star Trek: Reboot the Universe".

I Cry!
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A few weeks ago (possibly 4) CB and I moved into our new place and now it's (almost) tidy enough for a party.

So here is the announcement.

Sat 10th of June from 3 pm through till late (or even early), come see our new abode, meet the cats, eat drink and make merry. Generally BYOE and a small amount of crash space available.

Please RSVP by email (my livejournal one works) so we know how many to expect.
You'll also get address details by reply email :)
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Edit tried soemthing below as I was informed this is a loverly scam
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A bit over four weeks ago, Debbie and I found a place to live and I reasonably promptly arranged the phone connection and attempted to arrange the internet connection. Once I'd determined that the phone had to be connected to arrange the internet connection I had the phone connection date moved forward.
Then I put the internet connection request back through and quite promptly received an activation date of a couple of days later (13th April). Which was then moved forward a day (12th) and I duly received an email stating that my internet was active on the 12th.
Due to my trip to Wanaka I wasn't able to head around to plug in my modem until the 19th at which time I discovered that there was no physical link (Modem status = Physical Down). I took the modem back to my old flat and quickly plugged it into the active ADSL connection there (which also happened to be with the same ISP) and it happily connected and even logged in using my credentials just fine.
So no problem with the Modem.
So I take it back to the new house and report the fault with my ISP, who then ask some questions, which I answer: Yup, the modem works; Yes, I've tried all the sockets; No, the (correct) little green light doesn't come on; Yes, the analogue phone works; Yes, I'm using ADSL splitters.
so then they register a fault with Telecomscum, on the 21st (Friday). When I call on Monday the 24th, my ISP tells me that the response time is usually 48 hrs but can be as long as 6 working days. Tuesday (25th) is a Public Holiday, so late on Wednesday (26th) I get a call from the contracting company saying that their man will be doing the exchange investigation tomorrow (27th) and would I be available to let him into my house once he'd done that. "Sure," says I, "just get him to call me about 30 minutes before hand so I can get there from work".

Which brings us to today. About 11am, Dan from teh contracting company gives me a call and confirms that he's about to look into the exchange side of things and then he'll call me once he's heading on to my place. Now I'd left my modem plugged in and turned on just in case. About noon, I log into my ISP's online status page, put in my account details and notice that my ADSL connection is up as of 11:57.
HMMM says I.
About 12:10, Dan calls back and tells me that the orignal work order to enable the ADSL at the exchange had never made it to the contractoring companies dispatch system and had been signed off as completed without the work actually being done!
So he'd done the enabling work and my modem had sprung into life.

So now I get to force my ISP to not charge me for a ADSL connection that wasn't connected. Because some systems failed somewhere and someone signed off on a job that they hadn't done!


Apr. 7th, 2006 12:23 pm
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Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year).
List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year...

My selections, behind here )
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I've just discovered which is a neat free SyncML server out there in the big bad Inet.
And it took me about 15 minutes to register (free), wait for the SMS with my password and configuration, and synchronise my phone (the neat new Nokia 6260 that I bought a month or so ago).

Now all my phone contacts are available to me anywhere I have a browser, plus my Calendar (though the recurrance function is a little dumb) and public Notes.

Squeeeeee!!! It's looking more and more likely that I won't be replacing the old PalmPilot and this phone will do 90% of what the Palm could (I can even get an eBook reader for it)