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Life has been full on. Wedding, House, Job (in some order not neccessarily given above) have all been exciting in t least one way in the last couple of months...

However, my loverly (new-)wife, colonial_babe is again in a job situation that is driving her insane, also not helped by the fact of our fiscal situation means she feels she can't afford to much less money, plus also is not able to do the work she is both trained for (though not NZ recognised) and loves doing.

So this is a bit of a shout-out to see if anyone out there in loverly LJ-land, knows of a possible opening for a hardworking, detail-oriented admin person who would much rather be an early childhood teacher.

Position should be within an easy drive of Avondale (ie. not North Shore and definitely not any further south than Newmarket (if that) and should have reasonable hours (ie not 7am to 4pm)

Anyone, anyone, ...


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