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For the first time in a very long time, I've actually won something in a "give us your name and details for the chance of a prize" competition.


Unfortunately what I've won is Tickets for two to both of the Rock2Wellington concerts (Sat 22 March and Sun 23 March - aka Easter Sat and Sun) and I'm unable to make it to Wellington for Easter (cause if I was I'd be going to Conjunction the SF&F Convention being held in Wellington that weekend.


So if you're able and willing to go to these concerts (and thus would like these tickets) drop me a line
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is just cool.

That is all.
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Those who know me know I'm a bit of a geek.

But in one circle of friends they were doing the Official geek test (v3.1). So I did it and only got 70.03%.

But then the following one popped up on a few Lj's so I did it as well.

See .. I'm a geek! Really :)

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Honya budo is the martial arts skill of visiting a bookstore without buying a book. It is an arcane art, practiced by secret masters in obscure parts of the world for several centuries. During the 20th century, when literacy went up in the western world, and people from every social strata started frequenting shops selling books, this venerable art has begun to rise in popularity.

For full details see here
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Check this out and laugh
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So, yesterday we indulged in mass "being-back-at-home", which mainly involved checking out the TV show "Dexter".

Wibble, Flibble, Squiggle, Snarch!!!!

Thank whatever power(s) that be that I'd grabbed as much as I could could as we literally couldn't stop till we were done and it was a natural story break.

This show is excellent peoples. Watch it!
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So I figured I should post more so people know what'sa happening in the NG world.

Xmas was good, much reading was done but Xmas day was punctuated by slight wierdness.

See I was up north with colonial_babe and her bro and his in-laws' family. So on Xmas day, after the present opening, half the group headed off to the Xmas service and the in-law dad proceeded to neuter the new (but not young) family dog. Now he is a vet and it was done outside (but on a kitchen table with a plastic drop-cloth) so I wasn't too worried, but it defintely made for a surreal Xmas day.
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Let's see, there were short stories, then there were drabbles (sometimes 100, sometimes other small numbers)

and now we have the ultra-short stories (ala Hemingway and via Wired).

Read. Laugh. Cry. Wonder. Be Amazed!
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We have the Slogan Generator

Lets see:
1) Beanz meanz NeonGraal.
2) I Wish They All Could Be Neongraal Girls.
3) Thank Neongraal It's Friday.
4) We Bring Neongraal to Life.
5) The Cream of Neongraal.
6) Aaahh, Neongraal!

Okay I get to stop now ;)
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So auckland. Don't we just need one.

From Grafton Cemetary, along K-road to ???
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Some days you hear about something that is/was a glorious rumour, a spectacular hope, a shining example of yet another thing you could love.

And then, it fades. The rumour debunked, the hope extinguished, the example ignored.

But then, sometimes, a very few somtimes, the curtain is pulled back and you are allowed to see "what might have been". And then you have to chose. Do you cry tears of pain and sorrow for that which is revealed as now not to be is so, or tears of hope and joy for that which never was but is another step on the path towards a glorious future that can only be better, brighter, more bountiful because of the grist that has been ground under the heels of those who trod this way.

Today is one of those days. In this blog is revealed the Treatment for "Star Trek: Reboot the Universe".

I Cry!


Jun. 9th, 2006 02:01 pm
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So I've spoken a bit about colonial_babe and our scary awesome relationship, but I haven't spoken a lot about CB herself. Well it's not really my place, except as to how she affects me (which is most cool making in and of itself).

but now there are some things you need to know. CB has lost both her parents and has a brother who lives here is NZ now. Adn then the next family member she feels closest to is her Gran who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is 85.

On Wednesday night she heard that her Gran had gone into hospital with breathing difficulties, encouraging news last night and then this morning we find out that she's not eating and seems to be giving up.

So now we're going to Johannesburg next week so that CB can see her Gran, possibly for the last time, and I'm going to be support and meet some family and because I want to.

It's amazing how rapidly you can get organised to travel across the world when you decide you need to!
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Thoughts and fears, assumptions and tears,
all running around my brain

Worries and doubts, escapes and routes,
not wanting the easy way out

with thoughts all a blur and emotions unsure,
knowing the way is the hardest thing to say

but choosing makes all simply true.
(But not the easiest thing to do)
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Interesting article which I can't now remember how I got directed to.

Appears reasonably balanaced, but I know I'm not good at judging these thing.

Posted for opinion :)
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Remember the debate over the beginning of the millenium and how all the party organisers got it wrong.

Well, here is a smaller, even simpler but similar error.

In fact, there has to be at least 72 (or possibly even 144) different instants that will fulfill this textual pattern (or an essentially similar one)
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I so want one of these. Any of them. All of them would be good. Yup, I want all of them. PS: Make sure you watch the animations.
Link from Bruce Schneier's blog
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> What's a KPI?

A KPI or KayPie is a cute little pet that lives in offices, Managers
spend their days borely trying to find them and Employee's do what they
can to avoid them (they bite if provoked).

I am told they are about 4 inches high and covered in bright blue fur.
They only bite employee's so try and get into management to avoid the
bite which injects a flamable venom. People have been known to be
completely fired from the bite of a KayPie.


Be warned

Mar. 7th, 2006 03:10 pm
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Only follow this link if you are in a place where weeping uncontrollably with laughter is a safe thing to do.
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Dylan Moran will be performing in Auckland just before Easter!

Woot!! Woot!!! Woot!!!!!?!?!W#$%&W$^&&^*(!#$%!#$^&*($^*$%^@$&$