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But I've got the urge to update.
Life continues apace.

Work is full steam ahead at the moment with plenty to do and interesting times ahead as my boss's wife gives birth to their baby soon which will result in him having a couple of weeks of working from home.

Love is going grand with Colonial_babe and I finding it hard to get out of home and do other things than just be together. Part of this is due to serious financial tightness from the replacement car and upcoming house and (further away) wedding.

Home is cool, with the construction of the new house going along nicely with only a couple of mishaps. We're booked to move on the 12th of April (the Thursday after Easter) and thus packing is the order of the day. Though we have been enjoying the choosing of colours, curtains, tiles, carpets and the myriad of other things that go into making this house ours!

Seen a number of movies recently including "Smoking Aces" (good start, bad ending), "Hot Fuzz" (slow start, truly awesome) and "Ghost Rider" (Very good but Nick Cage was a bit campy in places)
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Check this out and laugh
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Sent the email out. Thought I might widen the announcment.

I planning on going to Narnia at St Lukes at 7:30 pm tonight.
It is allocated seating, so if you'd like to come with, reply by 5pm or text me by 6pm and I'll buy tickets on the way home.
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check out for an article, but to recap:

Worldwide Top Ten

-- Firefly - TV
-- Serenity - movie
-- Farscape - TV
-- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - book
-- Babylon 5 - TV
-- Battlestar Galactica - TV
-- Dune - book
-- Enders Game - book
-- Empire Strikes Back - movie
-- Dr. Who - TV
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Special Serenity Advance Screening

Megascreen, Sunday 23 October, 6.30pm

Due to popular demand we are hosting another advance screening of SERENITY. Tickets will go on sale Saturday 22 October plus will be available at our stand at the Armageddon Expo over Labour weekend.

So be quick as it's one session only and seats are limited!

This big-screen version of the short-lived TV series Firefly is set 500 years in the future and focuses on space captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew, who make a living through petty crime and transporting people throughout space. After they pick up their latest passengers, a doctor and his sister, they realize that they're now being hunted by some very powerful and nasty folks.

Starring: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin

Director: Joss Whedon

Rating: M - Contains Medium Level Violence
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I have a new ceiling design I want.

Drool! (though possibly a bit worrying to wake up to)
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Friday started with the gentle wakening of the house, a yummy breakfast by [ profile] nz_swordmaiden (Just toast), then the lads off to work an I off for my day.
Juice and nattering with swordladycat in Manners Mall and then across to lunch with [ profile] threemonkeys as planned.
Whilst sitting and awaiting his emergence who should happen by but [ profile] lobelet whom I had also hoped to see whilst here. Brief natterings and then onto lunch. I ordeed a loverly gigantic sandwich and ttally missed that the cafe's soup of the was my favourite, Pumpkin and Kumera!

The afternoon was my own and I thought to take in a movie. "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" was the hope but a backtrack to deliver an item to Fenchurch, which led to a sidewalk meeting with [ profile] bob_odd and lady. Combined these meant that I arrived at the cinema ticket line 5 minutes after the sesson had started. So instead I watched "Sky High". I wasn't disappointed. A little cheesy in places, a little over the top in others but never quite too much of either. The "message" was pushed a little unsubtly but not with a giant "Preachy-bat". All in all a fun 90+ minutes made all the better by "Adults pay kids prices".

Onto Katipo face to end the afternoon have delicious dinner and begin the evening. Nice conversation was had with [ profile] mundens and [ profile] nz_swordmaiden as they turned up, over and between yummy "Honey, Lemon and Ginger", "Cheesy fries" and "Steak, Mushrooms and Blue cheese". I took my leave, well we all did and I headed over to the small theatre where I believed I would be meeting lady_j (and others) to watch the "Toi Cabaret". Arriving early, waited until the appointed time before contacting lady_J to ask where she was (haveing checked at the door and discovered some tickets being held, or so I thought). Lady_j was surprised that I as there as she'd been unable to obtain tickets, but after some discussion we determined that she'd been put on the waiting list and the horrid weather had lead to a number of groups not turning out, so attendance was possibly. Just in time lady_j and master_g turned up and we had a most enjoyable time being entertained by the burlesque style cabaret. Afterwards, we were picked up by [ profile] bob_odd (and lady) and whisked back to their place for desert, conversation and a 'quick' game of trivial pursuit. We were joined by a friend of [ profile] bob_odd's (or more correctly his lady's), who recognised me (and I him) from sci-fi conventions we believed. It was only at the end of the evening, when offering me a lift, the he recognised the suburb and after a short query of "Norman's?" adn my affirmative response, proclaimed "you're staying with my sister". NZ's small size strikes again. Ed, for that was his name, was [ profile] nz_swordmaiden's brother!
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And it's even by someone that many of you will know of (and some of you will have met).

I also know that some of you disagree with many of his notions (and I'm even there occasionally) but from my conversations with him I found him witty, erudite and clear thinking.

So now go and read an excellent, spoiler free, review of Serenity by Orson Scott Card
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long list behind here )
My Grand Total: 95

According to the meme, you need to have seen 80 of the above films or more to be considered a film whore. So I am!
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Saw Serenity last night (PS: [ profile] mundens how do you do the fancy ideograms in your posts.)
Two words: JOSS ROXORS :)
It was excellent, I cared, I cried, I cheered, I was surprised and I loved seeing the BDH's back in action again. And boy the action, whoa mamma the action.

Beforehand I was pulling my figurative hair out awaiting all my group to turn up and claim their tickets. all 65 found me and all paid. Whee. Even the two extras roped in for the hideously unlucky [ profile] fishie and [ profile] muggins who were unable to make it. The last person (of 65) to claim their ticket got there at 8:20.

And then after was nattering in foyer before heading off to the "Open Late Cafe" with some for a nattering.
Then back home to bed and the onset of what I call the Post-convention "Hangover".
The hideous feeling after an event that you've been looking forward to for months, planning for weeks, drooling over for days. An event full of people you know share (to a greater or lesser degree) you interests and enthusiasms who you wish you could spend more time with.
and then suddenly it's over. And you loved every minute of it and don't want it to be over.
You want this feeling to last forever and you don't know when you're going to have this feeling again.
And that makes it very hard to face, well initially the empty bed, but definitely the next day and work and the rest of life. Which is why I bailed on exercise this morning.

Cause I know the moments when I live, and there's not enough of them in life.
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And now my Credit card hates me (though the CC company loves me I'm sure)

This morning I secured the requisite 65 tickets to the Serenity preview here in Auckland (Monday 19th September).

I am now counting the days. (any Wellingtonians reading. I'm aware of a group being organised for the Wellington preview if you want to contact me by email)
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Just had this forwarded to me.

Firefly fans now have a one off chance to see the movie SERENITY at Village SKYCITY Cinemas Queen St from Monday 19 September at 8.30pm. Tickets go on sale on Monday 29 August, so be in quick.

I'm assembling a group booking. I will be booking online so tickets will be full price ($14.50)

I need to know by last thing on sunday as I'll be booking as soon as I can Monday (first attempt will be at 12:01am)
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I bounced over to the local cinemas web site to check out smoe session times and there it was on the front page.
Taunting me, tempting me, handing out both hope and despair.

Under "Coming soon" was, yup, you guessed it, "Serenity" with a release date of October 6th which is a lot better than the November 14th we were originally told but is still a about a month and a half away.

I think I'll be taking that week off work. I was going to take a weeks holiday around then anyway and this seems like an awesome excuse.
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Joss Whedon Interview with no Spoilers and some interesting info.

My favourite bit, " ... talking to James Masters about a Spike movie ..."

Be still my beating heart.
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One, large interview with Joss Whedon which contains

Two, quote from Interview which needs repeating
Leaving aside for the moment “Wonder Woman” and “Batman” and “X-Men,” is there a comic-book franchise
you’d be especially keen to bring to screen?
The only time I ever read a comic and said, “Jesus, that should be on the screen,” I found out that
somebody else was already developing it, and it was “Global Frequency.” It should be a TV show. I adore
it. [“Global Frequency” creator] Warren Ellis is like a God to me. I met him by chance years ago. I walk
into [the Hollywood comic-shop] Golden Apple, which is not my usual store because I don’t live there. And
he was there doing a signing and they’re like, “Oh, it’s so good you came out for this.” And I was like,
“For what?” I had no idea he was even in the country. And he was so sweet because I was just about to
start “Fray” [a Whedon-authored comic-book series set centuries after the events of “Buffy”], and I had
never written a comic. And he said, “Well, have you seen any scripts?” And I was like, “Uh, they sent me
an Alan Moore script.” He’s like, “Oh my God, you poor thing!” I’m like, “He does describe things … a
lot.” And he said, “Yeah, yeah, he’ll do three pages on one panel. I’ll send you a script and you can see
how little you can get away with.”

I’d love to see a “Global Frequency” series come to be.
And I heard good things about the pilot and the script from a bunch of my comic-writer friends and my
TV-slash-comic-writer friends. And I don’t know what happened. It just made perfect sense as a show.

Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis!!!! I think Kevin may die!
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A righteous morning, I packed and moved a carload of boxes.

All this after seeing "Crash" last night. A very cool movie. And one of the bit part faces bugged me and I didn't place her until the end. It's only slightly surprising that you can still recognise Star Trek actors 10 years after their show finished airing.
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Just got back from seeing "Double Dare" a documentary about Jaenine Epper, who was the stunt double for Lynda Carter in "Wonder Woman" the TV series and has been in the Stunt business for years, and Zoe Bell, who was Lucy's Stunt double for the last couple (or so) years of Xena and then landed the job of Stunt double for Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill".
A really cool doco, and then at the end the Director/Producer (Amanda ????) and Zoe were there for some Q & A. Which was awesome!

So why am I depressed, I hear you ask (and if you not I'm telling you anyway!)

Cause I'm not getting a buzz out of almost anything I'm doing, especially not work. Not that work's bad or anything, it's just that it's not inspriing or fun!. {Sigh}