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is just cool.

That is all.
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Honya budo is the martial arts skill of visiting a bookstore without buying a book. It is an arcane art, practiced by secret masters in obscure parts of the world for several centuries. During the 20th century, when literacy went up in the western world, and people from every social strata started frequenting shops selling books, this venerable art has begun to rise in popularity.

For full details see here
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So, yesterday we indulged in mass "being-back-at-home", which mainly involved checking out the TV show "Dexter".

Wibble, Flibble, Squiggle, Snarch!!!!

Thank whatever power(s) that be that I'd grabbed as much as I could could as we literally couldn't stop till we were done and it was a natural story break.

This show is excellent peoples. Watch it!
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Stilt-walker from Lantern Festival
Without too many details, lets just say that I'm probably going to need a serious nap this afternoon.
Okay some details
  • Barossa in Titirangi rocks as a restaurant. They were ready to take our orders and serve us food and clean up well before we were. We were talking to much you see. and then there was hand holding. HAND HOLDING! :)
  • As usual Mount Eden at night gives a stunning view of Auckland. It was a little cold but two bodies together generate nice heat. In all sorts of ways.
  • The Joeseph Savage memorial is also always cool on a night when the moon is fullish though it was too early in the night for the Moon pool to be utterly stunning.
  • Meandering back across town is cool too. Especially when you've checked the time, realised that hours have escaped you and you're both yawning now you know how late it is.
  • Wanting to take it slow to savour every new experience and then throwing, not caution, okay restraint, to the winds.
  • Not wanting to let go and yet knowing that a little time for self improves later together time.
  • Not wanting to burn out or to fade away
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Some of the hoarde were in glorious attendance (shout out's to [ profile] debxena, [ profile] alasatyr, FuzzyBen (who refuses to get an LJ) as well as [ profile] colitis, [ profile] scrunt and new acquaintences [ profile] mipol as well as many others.

Drink was drunk (and so was I by the end of the night), Much things went BANG, BOOM, WHOOSH, SCREEE and CRICKLE-CRACKLE. Meat and not-meat was seared and singed and consumed along with Salad.

Hugage and more happened. At least two chairs died. Conversation about all and sundry topics ensued.
And me and my car were safely delivered home bby Dial-A-Driver who was also good conversation.

Mega Props to [ profile] elyofborg for good company, good entertainment and an awesome Guy Fawkes night.
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The site is now live and I've just ordered volume one.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go visit and find out. This is in my budget for the next 6 months (and not cheap but must have too)
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check out for an article, but to recap:

Worldwide Top Ten

-- Firefly - TV
-- Serenity - movie
-- Farscape - TV
-- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - book
-- Babylon 5 - TV
-- Battlestar Galactica - TV
-- Dune - book
-- Enders Game - book
-- Empire Strikes Back - movie
-- Dr. Who - TV
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Special Serenity Advance Screening

Megascreen, Sunday 23 October, 6.30pm

Due to popular demand we are hosting another advance screening of SERENITY. Tickets will go on sale Saturday 22 October plus will be available at our stand at the Armageddon Expo over Labour weekend.

So be quick as it's one session only and seats are limited!

This big-screen version of the short-lived TV series Firefly is set 500 years in the future and focuses on space captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew, who make a living through petty crime and transporting people throughout space. After they pick up their latest passengers, a doctor and his sister, they realize that they're now being hunted by some very powerful and nasty folks.

Starring: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin

Director: Joss Whedon

Rating: M - Contains Medium Level Violence
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And it's even by someone that many of you will know of (and some of you will have met).

I also know that some of you disagree with many of his notions (and I'm even there occasionally) but from my conversations with him I found him witty, erudite and clear thinking.

So now go and read an excellent, spoiler free, review of Serenity by Orson Scott Card
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Saw Serenity last night (PS: [ profile] mundens how do you do the fancy ideograms in your posts.)
Two words: JOSS ROXORS :)
It was excellent, I cared, I cried, I cheered, I was surprised and I loved seeing the BDH's back in action again. And boy the action, whoa mamma the action.

Beforehand I was pulling my figurative hair out awaiting all my group to turn up and claim their tickets. all 65 found me and all paid. Whee. Even the two extras roped in for the hideously unlucky [ profile] fishie and [ profile] muggins who were unable to make it. The last person (of 65) to claim their ticket got there at 8:20.

And then after was nattering in foyer before heading off to the "Open Late Cafe" with some for a nattering.
Then back home to bed and the onset of what I call the Post-convention "Hangover".
The hideous feeling after an event that you've been looking forward to for months, planning for weeks, drooling over for days. An event full of people you know share (to a greater or lesser degree) you interests and enthusiasms who you wish you could spend more time with.
and then suddenly it's over. And you loved every minute of it and don't want it to be over.
You want this feeling to last forever and you don't know when you're going to have this feeling again.
And that makes it very hard to face, well initially the empty bed, but definitely the next day and work and the rest of life. Which is why I bailed on exercise this morning.

Cause I know the moments when I live, and there's not enough of them in life.
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In this message from, J.M.S. annouced that he'd be making the his scripts to Babylon 5 available in a Trade paperback form.

Full details in the message but approx 14 volumes with 7 scripts per volume, plus a bonus 15th volume for subscribers who buy all 14.

Special never before seen scripts and B&W photos included as well as comments and introductions too.

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Seen in few journals, reposted for effect.
homophobia is wrong )
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Though it's probably more accurate to say "The biggest thing that happens as one life stage ends is that another begins".

Over the weekend I:
  • Finished moving out of the little house where I'd been living for the last 2.5 years (though this does not mean I've finished moving into the new place I'm sharing with friends, boxes still need to be unpacked)
  • Met a chunk of loverly new people before and during a Poly get-together (Aside: I always giggle at how together is also to-get-her) Was much fun and geeking and introductions happened. Some names I remember, some I don't, some new LJ (and other places) friends/connections
  • Went to the "I'm sorry I'm leaving auckland" (or some such) party of the loverly SwordLadyCat and nattered and et (past tense of eaten? but that doesn't seem to be how it's spelt) and didn't game (just cause I didn't feel like it)
  • Received and read the latest Orson Scott Card book "Magic Street". It's, ..., good, but not brilliant, sorry Scott.
  • Threw out another carload of junk and vacuumed and tidied said old place which impressed my parents cause they didn't believe I managed so much in the sort amount of time I took.
  • Had a loverly dinner with Bro and SiL (Mmmm, Lamb shanks, Mmmmm) and discussed house valuations and money and stuff.
  • Discovered this morning that I no longer have a mortgage (Bro having spoken to and signed stuff for the bank not 20 mins earlier) and will shortly (tomorrow) have expunged my Credit card balances and thus feel like I have money again (Yay!)
Now all I have to do is get back into the mind set of work cause I was a little distracted last week and new work has been landed so there's lots to do.

Cool stuff

Jul. 21st, 2005 09:11 am
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Google have just announced their latest Mapping app. Google Moon!

and also you need to check out Angry Alien for {Insert Movie Name} in 30 seconds by bunnies.
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Realising that my stress levels over my cash flow are rising and after an off-the-cuff comment by a friend that whilst selling off some of my old roleplaying gear would generate some cash, it probably wouldn't solve the root problem, I though about ways to improve my disposable income.
And realised that whilst I like the living on my own, I can't really justify the expense, especially when I ballpark calculated that going back flatting would save me on the order of $500 a month!
Also I have a some good friends who are currently shy a flatmate in an acceptable house so I could manage the change with little hassle of finding a place and flatmates.
So I've decided, I'm going back flatting and A.S.A.P. (Which probably means I'll be moving just before the end of this month).
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Just got back from seeing "Double Dare" a documentary about Jaenine Epper, who was the stunt double for Lynda Carter in "Wonder Woman" the TV series and has been in the Stunt business for years, and Zoe Bell, who was Lucy's Stunt double for the last couple (or so) years of Xena and then landed the job of Stunt double for Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill".
A really cool doco, and then at the end the Director/Producer (Amanda ????) and Zoe were there for some Q & A. Which was awesome!

So why am I depressed, I hear you ask (and if you not I'm telling you anyway!)

Cause I'm not getting a buzz out of almost anything I'm doing, especially not work. Not that work's bad or anything, it's just that it's not inspriing or fun!. {Sigh}