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But I've got the urge to update.
Life continues apace.

Work is full steam ahead at the moment with plenty to do and interesting times ahead as my boss's wife gives birth to their baby soon which will result in him having a couple of weeks of working from home.

Love is going grand with Colonial_babe and I finding it hard to get out of home and do other things than just be together. Part of this is due to serious financial tightness from the replacement car and upcoming house and (further away) wedding.

Home is cool, with the construction of the new house going along nicely with only a couple of mishaps. We're booked to move on the 12th of April (the Thursday after Easter) and thus packing is the order of the day. Though we have been enjoying the choosing of colours, curtains, tiles, carpets and the myriad of other things that go into making this house ours!

Seen a number of movies recently including "Smoking Aces" (good start, bad ending), "Hot Fuzz" (slow start, truly awesome) and "Ghost Rider" (Very good but Nick Cage was a bit campy in places)
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Took some new photos of the house.

It's really coming along. The Flikr set now has interior shot (with little gib up though)
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For various reason I won't be posting the plans online :)

But here is the general description of the House.

It's a two story duplex building and we have the north facing side (the sunny side).

Downstairs is an internal access double car garage (single door) with laundry alcove; bathroom with shower and toilet; and two bedrooms, one with a ranch-slider out to the yard which will have a low deck. The covered entranceway outside the front door leads right to the central stairs up.

Upstairs has two further (slightly smaller) bedrooms (one with an attic ladder); bathroom with bath, toilet and shower over bath; and a large (7.5m by 4ish m)) lounge and open plan kitchen. the lounge is over the garage and has a balcony running full length outside it. The lounge faces east, so morning sun into the lounge and afternoon sun on the yard and deck

The building is down a short right of way which serves three other houses but will have it's own guest parking spot as well.


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