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I think I know what I've got to do to really get my weight and health back on track.

1) Continue the learning that fed is a good place to stop, not satiated and definitely not FULL! This is in progress but will take some time I'm sure. So I'm asking for help and positive reinforcement assistance.

2) Somehow manage to equate my current physical state (slightly muscle fatigued, a touch achey and an all over mild discomfort from exercise) with something desirable, rewarding and or enjoyable. (Well there is one such association, but who knows when that'll happen again)
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Saw Serenity last night (PS: [ profile] mundens how do you do the fancy ideograms in your posts.)
Two words: JOSS ROXORS :)
It was excellent, I cared, I cried, I cheered, I was surprised and I loved seeing the BDH's back in action again. And boy the action, whoa mamma the action.

Beforehand I was pulling my figurative hair out awaiting all my group to turn up and claim their tickets. all 65 found me and all paid. Whee. Even the two extras roped in for the hideously unlucky [ profile] fishie and [ profile] muggins who were unable to make it. The last person (of 65) to claim their ticket got there at 8:20.

And then after was nattering in foyer before heading off to the "Open Late Cafe" with some for a nattering.
Then back home to bed and the onset of what I call the Post-convention "Hangover".
The hideous feeling after an event that you've been looking forward to for months, planning for weeks, drooling over for days. An event full of people you know share (to a greater or lesser degree) you interests and enthusiasms who you wish you could spend more time with.
and then suddenly it's over. And you loved every minute of it and don't want it to be over.
You want this feeling to last forever and you don't know when you're going to have this feeling again.
And that makes it very hard to face, well initially the empty bed, but definitely the next day and work and the rest of life. Which is why I bailed on exercise this morning.

Cause I know the moments when I live, and there's not enough of them in life.
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And I (still) ache in a righteous way.

I have achieved my exercise goal for this week (get to the gym every work day of it)
And also my goal for next week (do at least 30 mins of exercise every day)

I think I'll stick with that goal for next week and then have to think up a new one for the week after.
No apparent weight loss yet (but I wasn't expecting any)
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After much talking (and not relly doing) and the final erosion/removal of the last excuses for procrastination, I started my (new/first) exercise regime this morning.
Got up early (well got out of bed I didn't sleep the best), threw on workout clothes and grabbed work clothes bag, drove to gym right by work (took about 15 mins less than usualy drive to work), joined gym and did 35 min cardio workout (Eleptical, bike, rower {only 3 mins}, crosstrainer).

Go me! I didn't overdo it so I now feel the light burn of the righteous.
My mistakes for this morning: Forgot belt from work clothes, forgot stretches
My lessons for this morning: need larger towel and smaller gear bag.


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